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Monday, November 27, 2017

My Birthday Trip: Manuel Uy Beach Resort, Calatagan Batangas

Feb. 9 and 10, 2017 | Thursday and Friday


Started last year (2016), I see to it that I do something new during my birthdays.
So for this year, I planned to explore a new beach for overnight.

My destination for this year was the Manuel Uy Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas.
This resort is adjacent to Stilts Beach Resort or sometimes referred to as Maldives of the Philippines because of the resort rooms standing on the sea. I already tried the Stilts Beach last year.

Day 1 (Feb. 9, 2017) - Thursday

At 4 am, we left the Metropoint Mall in LRT Edsa- Taft and rode a van going to Calatagan Batangas. Fare was 200 pesos and it was almost a three-hour ride.
Upon reaching the Calatagan Terminal, we rode a tricycle that would bring us to Manuel Uy Beach. Fare was 200.

And then at 8 in the morning, hello Beach! I missed you! Hello, Manuel Uy Beach Resort!
 Welcome to us!

At Manuel Uy, there are no rooms yet. Though there are comfort rooms and store where you can buy basic stuffs that you need. 

Entrance fee for overnight is 200 (if I am not mistaken) plus 50 pesos for the tent pitching.  

We built a tent that will serve as our room for the night. The caretaker helped us. It was windy when we built it so we really needed some help. 

I’m glad that the staff there was accommodating and they even provided us some ropes and other support pegs that held our tent.  

And just had the best time of our lives.

Rest. Relax. Chill. Swim. Until the sun goes down. 

And when the night came with a lot of stars shining above, we’re ready for a bon fire. 

Since it was a weekday, there’s only few people who’s there.
And it was as if we owned the whole place for a night.

Day 2 (Feb. 10, 2017) – Friday

Good morning world!
We had the chance to roam around the beach for some nice photo op with the beautiful sunrise. 

I really love the brownish white color of the sand and we were able to walk through its sandbar. Yey!


Then at 10 am, we already left the place.

My footsteps left the island but my heart remains there. 

It was truly an unspoiled beach yet and I hope it will be maintained that way. Just like Burot Beach 

Happy Birthday To Me!

A Literally Chill Climb at Mount Ulap

January 29, 2017 | Sunday
Mount Ulap, Itogon Benguet

Here’s my third adventure for the year!

And for me, it was another Dream Climb Achieved!

Thanks to JM of WandersPH for setting up this climb. And for this hike, I was with my co-volunteers at Project Pearls.

We left Manila at 12 midnight and by almost 6 in the morning, we reached Itogon, Benguet. It was still dark when we registered but started our hike when the sun started to goes up.

For me, it was an easy trail although there were steep slopes. You must really know how to balance yourself as you would go down or up without holding to trees or anything that can support you.

It was literally a chill climb so I advised everyone to bring and wear jacket while hiking.

After almost two hours, we reached the very famous for photo op Gungal Rock Formation.

Then we're headed to the Mount Ulap Summit.

 The summit was a wide area where you can have unlimited jump shots!

We had a traverse as we went down and it was more than two hours.

We passed several hanging bridges and I so loved it!

I love hanging bridges so much.

Before going home, we had a side trip and short stop to Baguio for Pasalubong Buying.

And then we’re home!
I so love this month! Three adventures for the month of January and looking forward to more adventures for the rest of the year!

Maysawa Circuit: Mount Sapari Mount Binutasan Maysawa Falls

Maysawa Circuit:
Mount Sapari
Mount Binutasan 
Maysawa Falls

January 21, 2017 | Saturday
Brgy. Maysawa, Tanay, Rizal


Here’s my second hike and adventure for the year 2017. 

Together with my Project Pearls co-volunteers, we discovered the beauty of Maysawa Circuit. Rizal mountains are really close to my heart and this day’s hike added to my favorite list.

We just commuted going to the jump off. We were ten in the group so at Cubao, we were able to fill up a UV FX and had a special trip going to Barangay Maysawa paying of 200 pesos per head.

After more than an hour we reached the barangay, paid the necessary fees and hired a tour guide.

We started the hike at 6 in the morning. For me, the hike just consists of an easy trail that is good for beginners. 

Here’s to the summit of Mount Sapari. 

And the group photo:

After a short rest, we then headed to Mount Binutasan. 

It was a less than two hour hike. 

Then here’s to the summit of Mount Binutasan where we had our lunch.

After eating, we had a time for a short nap then we're headed to Maysawa Falls.

And we enjoyed the mini Falls!

This twin hike plus falls adventure is really a must try to all nature and easy climb lovers out there!

 More ahon, more fun!