> Nomadic at Puso: July 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013


I once felt

You know how it feels when someone so special to you has been apart from you for a long period of time.

Feels like you are all alone where in family and friends are not enough to make your day complete.

No one is available to accompany you when you want to go somewhere.
            When you are in the mall or market place, you see things that you wanted him or her to have.

No one is willing to be with you when you want some thing to do.

You cannot share what you feel inside.

You enviously staring to other couples who were happily together and showing sweet gestures at each other. In the end, you will be mad at them saying that they must not be over PDA (public display of affection).

There’s no reason to celebrate any occasion that for quite some time you were so eager and excited to celebrate it with.

When it rains, there’s only one person who always comes in your mind and then senti mode is on.

And when there’s no rain, you look up in the sky, staring blankly above and wishing that somehow, he or she is doing the same. After all, you were still living on the same place called earth.

When you listen to lonely music, you were so much relate as you deeply understand its meaning.

You end up crying when you miss that person so much.

You wish to fast forward the hours, days, weeks and months just for you to be with that person once again.

All you can hug is your life size teddy bear or even your eventually turning to wet pillows.

When you look at something, it was always him or her that you remember.

Memories of being together are always filling up your mind.

You wished to do all the things that you have done together.

You always show to other people that you were happily alone even though deep inside, it isn’t.

You feel disgusted when you want something to go or to do but the people you invited wasn’t available.

During get together or bonding moments with friends, you also feel disgusted or outcast when they brought their so called- keychains or boyfriends/ girlfriends.

            Your diary or journal is your best friend.
            You go to places you wanted to go, ALONE.
            For sometimes, it was quite awkward to go on shopping, once again, ALONE.

And when the time comes that you will be together again, the happiness that you once felt can erase all the loneliness that you’ve been through.

Love is really so powerful that everyone’s mood can change it from time to time.



The Road that Differs


This road that differs…

I used to be in this place. I walked through it a hundred times before and for me it was just all the same way all over again every time I passed on it.

But when I walked in it with you, it feels like everything now differs. Every thing and every one got so very different. I also felt that it was my first time walking here. I am now a stranger on this very familiar road. Or rather, we are both strangers on this same place I am very used to.

Thank you for accompanying me, thank you for the wonderful feeling, thank you for holding my hand and thank you for being now a part of my life.

Because of you, my life now has a new meaning and everything seems so colorful. As I walked on again on this same place, a smile will forever be on my face as new memories were built.

I would love to walk on this road over and over again as long as you’re with me and because of that everything now differs.

"forever in my heart, the roads we passed through together"

China Town Manila

A Day Tour at China Town Manila

My itinerary for this week: China Town, Sta.Cruz/ Binondo Manila

It was my first time to be in this place and I’m so lucky enough to find the restaurant that I am looking for. Very much thanks to Google Map. Hehe.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Simple Happiness: TV Shows

It’s been a while since I put down on words my thoughts.

I miss doing this. Haha! It was just laziness always strikes me. So now, I have a new saying to follow.
“Laziness is next to Nothingness.”

For nothing I will gain if I just pursue on doing nothing but just to lay in bed and watched drama series during my free times.

But on the other hand, I am just following my happiness which is watching drama series. Whenever I got hooked to it, I will finish it for not as long as 1 week and for as short as a couple of days. Addict much huh.

Here is the list of Drama Series I have watched so far (in random order):
These are sorted to Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese TV Drama Shows