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Monday, April 15, 2013

Bosay Resort, Antipolo Rizal

"A Summer Spent at Bosay Resort in Antipolo Rizal"

Our trip here is also a part of my summer escapade for this year.

Call time was 7 a.m.

At Crossing Edsa Shaw there is the jeep or fx terminal going to Antipolo Church. The jeep fare’s Php. 26.00

As soon as we arrived at Antipolo Church of course we didn’t miss the chance to visit the very famous Church of Antipolo, The Our Lady of Von Voyage. This church is greatly popular a week or a day before holy week because Metro Manila residents tend to have an alay lakad going to this church.
(I haven’t experience that one but one of these years truly I will try it.)

the aisle

at the entrance of the church

at the front entrance

at the back seat near the entrance

Anyway, beside the church there is already a mall and some commercial establishments were already there. Few years back as I remember, there aren’t malls or fast food restaurant there yet.

After our church visit, we rode a tricycle that will directly go to Bosay Resort. The one way fare costs us Php 50.00 per tricycle. We hired two tricycles since we were six in the group.

I remember one of my friends living in Antipolo said that their place is the tricycle capital of the Philippines and I was convinced. There’s really many tricycle there and it won’t be hard for you to find one.

I have already been gone to Bosay Resort way back 2007 when it was newly established and I may say that it has really improved a lot.

The entrance fee for day tour is 170.00 and for the night swimming the cost is 190.00
For day tour the time is from 7am to 5pm. For overnight the allotted time is 5pm-7am.

Cottages prices vary on its size.

Since we were only six in the group, we chose the cheapest that costs us 600 pesos.

Take note: If you would bring alcoholic drinks, there is a corkage fee for that as well as for electronic devices that you will need electricity for it.

We first tried the Olympic pool.
Sadly to say, we have to follow its rules for us to use and enjoy it.
You are needed to wear a proper swim wear for it. Spandex, nylon, two-piece or one piece swim suit are the appropriate wardrobes for it.

For guys, trunks are the only suitable for you to swim there.

Next we tried the disco pool, it’s much better on it because it is a covered are so you don’t need to worry about the darkening of your skin. It’s my concern. Haha!

We passed thru the infinity pool and long slide pool and we regret it because when we tried at the stormwave pool, all our energy was gone there!
What a great wave! Haha. I almost get tired for almost an hour staying there.

I may say that Bosay Resort is one of the greatest resorts in Antipolo.
You just have to follow its rules for you to enjoy the whole facility of it.
Here is the link to its official website.
: )


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