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Monday, March 25, 2013

Puerto Galera

-A Sweet Summer Escapade with Friends

The weather was so fine. A perfect timing for a beach outing. Oh, I just love the beach! So I see to it that at least once a year, I will have the chance to be there exposing my skin to the warm air and cool splash of the sea!
Our destination for this month, Puerto Galera, Sabang, Oriental Mindoro! Wuhoo!
Proud to be a first-timer! Hehe.

Day 1:

Our call time was 4 am of Saturday.
 Meeting place: LRT- Buendia since there is the bus terminal going to Batangas Port.
Approximate travel time is two hours and the cost of one-way fare is Php. 166.00 .

After that, we rode a boat directly going to Puerto Galera. It was the Father and Son Shipping Lines.

a picture from inside the father and son shipping line boat.

The package we got was inclusive of Boat fare and lodge accommodation, care of Mr. Leo Magbuhos. We paid Php. 1250 per head good for an overnight stay.
Here’s his number: 09234739038 . He will completely assist you on all your needs. : )
Free promotion. Haha!

At 9 am, we were already on our lodge. We got two family rooms, since we were 10 in the group. Separate room for the ladies and gents.

We had our breakfast on a nearby canteen that costs us only 40 pesos per head. We are actually budget-conscious people. Hehe.

After breakfast, we headed our way to Tamaraw Falls, one of the prides of Puerto Galera. Courtesy of Kuya Leo, we were able to find a L300 vehicle that costs us 1,500 good for 10 people so we had a contribution of Php. 150 per head.
Going there is already an adventure. Our eyes were filled with beautiful sceneries we can see outside the window of our rented vehicle.
Puerto Galera is truly nurtured with beautiful bays. As we headed our way to Tamaraw falls, the way is so steep, we can see down there the beautiful white sand beaches. What a very breath taking view.

Tamaraw falls was just beside the hi-way so we don’t have to go hiking just to reach it like other falls.
We just have to be careful in taking pictures because you have to be in the middle of the road to have a good shot. Be careful of passing vehicles since it is a national road.

The entrance fee for the swimming area is Php. 30 pesos. Fee for the usage of table is 30 pesos also. For the usage of tent the cost is Php. 140.

We took our lunch there and of course we didn’t miss the chance to swim at the very famous Tamaraw falls.

As per research, it was named Tamaraw falls because way back then, presence of Tamaraw, animals with same looks to carabao can be found there. But up to date, these wonderful creatures are already endangered. *sad sigh*

tamaraw falls

At 1 p.m. we went back to our lodge. We had a nap time for one hour.
Then as the sun was going down, we were off to shore for a nice walk and swim!swim!swim!
: )

forced group shot : )

Dinner time!
As for our dinner meal, we had cooked rice and inihaw na liempo, mandatory contribution of 45 pesos per head.
No payment, no meal. Hehe.

Night life, here we come!

Puerto Galera has also been famous not only because of the white beach but as well as with its sleepless night life. Resto bars are countless.

Our trip there won’t be complete if we won’t experience one so, One tower of Rhum Cola please! : )

We enjoyed the scenery by night.

Excellent-body fire dancers
Comedy bars that made us laugh
Some professional and not so volleyball players
Night swimmers
Lovers by the bay
People of different races
Mini concert stage sponsored by a mobile company
And many more!
Truly Puerto Galera is 24/7 open!

Back to lodge at past 1 a.m for a good sleep.
back to lodge. good mornight fellas!

Day 2:

Good morning Puerto Galera!
Yours truly woke up the other members of that Galera Escapade group at exactly 8 a.m.
It’s time to roam again!
Actually, I was just already hungry by that time! Harhar!
After breakfast, back to beach for a morning swim!
Then of course pasalubong buying cannot be removed from the list of activities.
at the rocky part of the bay :)

Our check out time was at 1 p.m. So we ate our lunch again at a nearby resto.

I would love to go back again at Puerto.
Spending there my weekend would never be regretful! Thanks to my friends who welcomed my invitation/plan/dream to go there.

And I just so love it!
: )

picture before leaving the beautiful paradise of Puerto


(tips for those who wanted to go there but with a not so high budget *wink* )

Expenses breakdown:

Bus transpo going to and from Batangas Port (JAM Liner terminal is at LRT Buendia) -  Php. 332.00
Accomodation Package (overnight stay) – P1,250 / head. Inclusive of boat fees. You can contact Kuya Leo for other details.

40 for breakfast
40 for lunch
45 for dinner
40 for breakfast
50 for lunch

Activities: (these are optional and these are good for 10 pax)

Tamaraw falls – Php. 150/ head
          Entrance Fee: Php. 30.00/ head
          Table rent: Php. 30.00

Snorkling – Php. 200/ head

Banana Boat – Php. 250/ head

1 tower of Rhum cola – Php. 60/head

Pasalubong Buying – name your price here

Sorry but we were just so budget wise. Hehe.
: )


  1. over exposed na naman ba ang mga mukha niyo?
    : )

  2. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for choosing White Beach Lodge. We are proud to welcome satisfied client and look forward to many years of working together.Thank you so much for recommending us.

  3. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for choosing White Beach Lodge. We are proud to welcome satisfied clients and look forward to many years of working together.

  4. youre very much welcum kuya leo! thanks too!