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Monday, October 28, 2013

When that “Spark” Sparks Again…

Oct. 15, 2013
10:45 p.m.

When that “Spark” Sparks Again…

Sometimes, being on a long term relationship can be “a little bit” tiring.
There’s a quote that says, “Being in love is a choice, staying in love is an effort.”

When you do that usual boyfriend-girlfriend petty things such as dating, going on each other’s house, meet the family, hang-out with friends, and the likes for five straight years, it makes you feel that same old stories were just repeating themselves. Again and again.

Of course, I love him. I do love him so much but then once in a while, you will going to look for something different, vivid, extra ordinary, some things you haven’t done yet.

And when you do those things, that spark that you once felt during your first days of being together came into live again.

And it makes me fell wonderful. Like the world is so colorful that all you wanted to do is to smile like crazy when you’re alone. Even to tell it to your best friends eagerly while giggling so much.

I just wanted to share what those simple things he did to make me feel that spark sparks again.


It was holiday. I have no work at the office, so I have nothing to do but just to lay back or curl up on my bed.
He called me and he said that he wanted to meet me.
At first, I became hesitant because what I planned to do for that day is just to rest, eat, and watch movie and then write.
I wanted that day to be a day just for myself.

He ruined it!
But then on a good way….

In thirty minutes, he’ll be here at my place. So I rushed to take a bath, washed my clothes and while I am combing my hair, oh my! He’s already there outside.

I rushed to him, talk to him that we forgot to kiss each other like what we always do when we meet and bid goodbye.

“Hey, you haven’t kissed me yet!” I said to him.

He kissed me on the lips, “it’s because you talked to me first. Hehe! Let’s go there at the mall.”
He then held my hands and we walked on a nearby mall.

We sat on a bench that faces a water fountain.

We didn’t talk that much. We just feel each other’s presence while sitting together.
It was a fine day and everything just seems so fine.

Until we heard a sound coming from the water fountain, as the song plays, the water also started to go into different directions as if it is dancing to the tune of the music that was playing.
This got the attention of all the people passing by.
Same as we who were sitting on the front of that dancing fountain pretty quietly.

I got my phone and made the video.

And now, as I watched it repeatedly, I can’t help but to smile.

After an hour or two, (I’m sorry I didn’t notice the time because it feels like the time really stops whenever we’re together. Oh my, I’m so mushy right now! Hehe.) we decided to get back to my place. He wanted to eat pancit canton with bread (pandesal). Hehe.

So we went home.

After I cooked, he finished those three packs of pancit canton that I prepared for him. (Takaw niya. Hehe!)

It was almost dark so he then decided to go home.
Of course we bid goodbye. We kissed quickly on the lips. Well, as I thought.

But then he wrapped his arms around me, held me tight and kissed me deeply.
I wanted to let go already because some people might see us but he didn’t let me.

Instead, he kissed me more deeply and passionately that maybe lasted for minutes.

I can’t remember when the last time we did that was.
Sneaking for a passionate kiss and I miss it so much!
I’m a little bit worried that someone might catch us but then, I’m so excited and thrilled.

As he went home, I laid back at my bed trying to recall what happened.

Here it goes! With that simple gesture, the spark sparks again. Then here I am, smiling alone like crazy while thinking of what we did.
I felt so happy and so much loved.

Happy Holiday!

“Where are You?”

My College Friends – Are you still there?

“Where are You?”
Written by: Yours Truly

To all my college close friends,
Where are you?
When our graduation came
Does even the friendship come into its end?

We were seatmates during class time,
Even at free times, we’re still together
With all our stories, we were present as witnesses
With all our problems, we were there for each other.

My four years in college
Has been so colorful because of you
You were my siblings to other mothers
And for all of these, I so much thank you.

And now we’re individually separated
Tackling down different careers
Every time I am alone
Wishing that you’re all here.

Don’t you have any spare time for me?
Where are you my dearest friends?
Or maybe you already forget about me?
But still, will you please always remember this?

That wherever you are right now
As time may pass and change
I just wanted you to know,
I’m still a so called friend.

I love you all so much.

My Note:

I wholeheartedly dedicate this poem translated in English to my friends’ way back in college.

As our college days became over, we had lesser time with each other.
I’m sorry for sometimes I became rude through my words when some of you can’t make it to our get together. It was just that I strongly believe that if you still treat me as your friend, then you will have time for us.

Yes, I’m bitter when there were times that all you do is to make excuses so that you won’t be able to meet us.

I even sometimes became mad, when you go to our meeting place but then you have your chaperones.

If you may call that as a childish act or narrow minded (hard for me to understand) then I’m sorry.

What I want is just to be with you, guys. All alone.

Friendship is a commitment.

It doesn’t require so much time but just a little, a little time to be with you.
And it will mean so much to me.

I know that we already have separate walks of life now, but then is that an enough reason for us not to meet somewhere along our own roads?

I miss you, guys. Terribly.

Us being complete is such a rare event.

Anyway, thank you for the memories.

My college life would never be completed without you.

Thank you so much and I wish you all the best in life.


TSG: A Friendship to treasure forever

Updating my thoughts….

I have a group of friends....
We call ourselves, TSG. And its meaning is a sacred secret. Hehe.
We became friends when we were in first year college. We were eight in the group. Seven girls and one boy.
We graduated last 2010 and from then on, we started to have our own separate lives.
Let me introduce them to you based on how I knew them.
Of course, people do change for it is one of the constant things in this world.
But then again, yeah people do change but not the memories that once built.
Okay let’s move on.
Here they are:


The Grandma of the barkada.
 She’s very strict when it comes to school projects and group works.
 She’s a love expert because she once had a very colorful love life.


 During our first two years in college, she was so studious, conservative and well-reserved.
But when she fell in love, she became so numb. (Hehe. I love you, Rose!) All she ever did was to follow her heart.  
She’s also the first on our group who bore an angel.


 The one who never rush in love.
 Outrageous, spontaneous and adventurous.
 Super effort in terms of fashion statement.
 She’s a kind of person who keeps in herself what she truly feels.


 The harshest and straight forward.
 She’s a fighter, a war-freak but then the truest to herself.
 She’s someone who would choose her friends over her boyfriend.  
She loves us so much but rarely shows it. Hehe.


 She’s the one who can get along well with anybody.
 But then she has a low self esteem. She sometimes considers herself as an outcast of the group.
One of my friends said that she’s also a kind of person that you can depend when she has really something to offer.


 The most silent.
 The one who can keep your secrets for the longest time. She loves truly and genuinely.  
Just like Lan, she only keeps to herself what she feels and what she’s been going through.


 The only guy in the group.
Our boyfriend.
 He’s a very funny guy.
 Protective and sweet.
 The most optimists among all of us.
 Full of stories whether senseless or trivial.

My relationship with them.

Even though we belong in a group, we still had someone who became close to each one of us. And as for me, here it goes:

With Jhona.

We were once become a rivalry in school. But then it was a healthy competition running between us. 
We became closer as friends after college.
I usually go to their house whenever I have time. Those girly things such as shopping, sleepover and sleepless girl talks, we used to do those.
I’m glad when there are things she first told me before our other friends. It makes me feel special.

With Marky.

He’s my male best friend. We had a lot of hang-outs. He always comes at our house expected or unexpectedly well, anyway he’s always welcome.
My mom loves him more than my boyfriend. Haha! Sad but true.
I can comfortably tell him whatever I feel or think. He’s always there supporting me in every thing that I do. He’s also a good listener and adviser.
I love him so much! Of course as a friend and a dear brother, nothing else more than that. And I know that he loves me too.

With Lan.

We became close during our first year in college. I even considered her as my twin sister. We bought the same clothes; we eat at the restaurants we wanted to, we watched movies just the two of us; we sleep at each other’s house; we shared secrets. She became my chaperone during my suitor’s date and she’s always there as a very good listener. She’s not good at giving advices though. Hehe. But that’s fine. As long as there’s someone who’s willing to listen then it’s alright.
She’s the type of person who likes to keep her feelings and thoughts just to herself. Sometimes, I really need to force her just to tell the whole story to me.
We can have a sleepless night just by talking and talking. You know, girl talk.
Before graduation, she became close with Rose and I to Dhez. But then after college, the closeness gets back.

With Rose.

Actually, she’s the least in the group that I became close but then there’s still had time when she cried on my shoulders and I cried with her too.
We had fights and misunderstandings but then we’re still friends and became okay! I love her.

With Cez.

She’s the friend who always shows the real her. And that’s what I really love and admire about her.
Although sometimes there were words that she shouldn’t say but at least if you tell her that she’s wrong, she admits it.


I love boosting her self confidence and helping her with all that I can. She’s a true friend and I can attest to that.
She’s one of the girls that I became first close. She’s real, she considers me as her friend and she loves me. I can feel it.

With Dez.

She’s silent, I’m noisy and we clicked.
 She became my human diary. I told her what I feel and think everyday of our school lives. She knows my story specifically about my love life. Although she’s not a good adviser (like Lan), she listens to me so well.
There were times that we separate ourselves with the group and go on our own. Just the two of us. And I miss it. I wish those times could happen again. If only we could but I doubt.
After graduation, I hated her.
She already had no time to be with us. She always chooses her boyfriend over us. I told hurtful things and so was her.
Then we became total strangers.
I hate her so much. I even blocked her facebook account. When we were still in college, she’s so quiet but then after graduation she became mouthful through that social network.
As time passed by, I learned to forgive and to accept things just as they were right now.
If you still consider me as a friend, so do I.  Above all these, what I want is just a little time to be with them. Completely.
I hope she understands my point despite all the things we’ve gone and done through.

So here they are. My best of friends, way back in college.

I love you all guys.
Just always take care and keep in your minds that I will always be here for you.
Good luck to all of you and I wish you all the best. Sincerely….