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Thursday, January 24, 2013

La Mesa Eco Park

I travel – La Mesa Eco Park

A visit to a very nature-themed park

Who would believe that in the middle of a very busy city with full of vehicles and modern establishment lies a very close to nature Park?

It is the La Mesa Eco Park located in Fairview, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Around it are subdivisions and beside it is the La Mesa Dam which is one of the main sources of water supply of Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

As you walk in the entrance, you will feel like walking already in a forest full of flowers and trees.
Upon reaching the middle part of it, there are some tables, chairs and nipa huts that are good for picnics, family and friends gathering and it also good for a place for pictorial with the theme of nature.

There is a long stairway going to the La Mesa Dam and as you reach its top, a very breathtaking view will come your way. It just feels like you’re not on a modern city but rather on your own provinces that is full of trees together with a water form close to sea.

There are also some activities you can do inside the park such as bungee jumping, archery, horseback riding, bike riding and many more.

There’s no problem with the foods because there are some food shops inside but it would be better if you would bring your own foods. Picnic is such a great thing!

The entrance fee is 50.00. And if you want to visit the butterfly sanctuary, you need to pay another 80.00 for its entrance fee.

If you are a nature lover, and yet living on a very busy city just like me, you should take a time to visit this kind of park and surely you won’t regret it!

Since I am a frustrated writer, sitting on a bench while feeding my eyes with the very scenic view here inspires me a lot.  

There are many things that we should be thankful. And one way of it is to appreciate life that lies with nature.

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