> Nomadic at Puso: April 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In loving

"When you love, you tend to get hurt. You could be happy but expect the worst."


 "I give or share not because I have much but because I knew and experienced the feeling of having nothing."


 "Loving someone is truly a sacrifice. The very first thing is your heart. 
Your heart is at stake and you’re willing to take the risk of getting hurt."


 "Trust is the foundation of Love. When you love, you must learn how to trust because when you love, you let your heart out to be taken care of someone you chose." -LaiN-


"Dreams are like stars. We may see it as impossible to reach but upon staring at them, we knew that there’s already hope for us and we can make it no matter what..." -LaiN-

True Friends

" True friends don’t require a written contract or so much effort just to build a strong bond. All you need is a little time to listen and to understand that no matter what will happen in your individual lives, you will always be at each other’s side, continually supporting and caring."