> Nomadic at Puso: August 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sierra Madre, Tanay, Rizal

Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort, Tanay,  Rizal

The travel date was March 14, 2015.

I went here with my co-writer Jam to mend my broken heart. Ha-ha-ha!
From Taytay, Rizal, we rode a jeep going to Antipolo Church. From Antipolo church we rode a tricycle going to Cogeo then from there we rode a jeep again going to Tanay. We told the driver to drop us at Sierra Madre Resort.

The travel time was more than an hour. We reached the resort a past 1 p.m.
The whole resort is so wide with the inclusion of some mountains, rooms/lodge, cottages, wide camping site, team-building activity area and a lot more.
The amount that we paid was Php.200.00 inclusion of cottage and swimming fee. There are three swimming pools.

The first two is near the entrance while the other one is far from it.
We chose the latter because according to my companion, there were less people there.
As we go to the third pool area, mountain range of Sierra Madre welcomed us.

The place didn’t fail to amaze me. The scenic view was so breathtaking that I forgot to remember that my heart was broken at that time.
 Before reaching the third pool, we have to pass a not so steep slope going down.

 There’s no one at the pool area and it’s as if we owned the place. Lucky us!
There’s also additional pool that is under construction near the third pool.

Some of the activities that we can do here:
Team Building
Food Trip
Shouting, “Ayoko na! Pagod na pagod na ako!” Hehe.
Soul Searching
“Some time alone” Moments

The water is so cool!

After some food trip and swimming time, we sat on the cottage for a long time talking about my miseries. She patiently listened to all my rants and dramas. Thanks Jam! I so much love you.
Actually, the place is so wonderful that tears shouldn’t be allowed.  But I had no choice but just to weep during the time of my visit there. Haha.

This is the website of the resort. You can check some other details here.
Or you can visit their official facebook page:

Day tour is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The resort is also open for overnight.

At five p.m. we checked out.
I would love to go back here but this time as a happy soul.