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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Montalban Rizal (Wawa Dam)

Exploring the pride of Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal

Adventure Time: Wawa Dam and Dado’s Resort

Nov. 23, 2013

personal capture:)

One fine Saturday, I woke up at exactly 4:30 in the morning. Prepare my things and get ready for a day adventure.
Together with my travel buddy, our destination for today is the Wawa Dam, Rodriguez (Montalban) Rizal.
The first time I discovered this place through internet which was over a year ago, I already got curious about. I said to myself that one day, I will go here.
I tried to invite some of my friends, but they became doubtful of going with me because of some mystic legend or stories about Wawa Dam.

Despite of all the things they say and I’ve heard, I’m still decided to go here.
So today, I packed my bag and go for the adventure!

Thanks to those travel bloggers who already went to this place so I got some useful tips and ideas how to go here and what to do.

This is my first time going here so I really got excited about it.
At Cubao, there are FXs or shuttle vans going to Rodriguez (Montalban). The fare is Php. 50.00 (as of today), there are also public utility jeepneys that cost Php. 38.00 (as of today also).
We told the driver to take us to Eastwood subdivision in Montalban wherein actually it’s their last destination or stop, then rode a jeep going to Wawa.
Sometimes, jeepneys are taking too long so you can ride a tricycle instead which were scattered all over the place.

The air gets cooler as we reached the Wawa Dam.

We stop by the Tourism Office because I need to use the bathroom. The personnel there were kind and hospitable. They let me use their bathroom without asking for any money. I have read on one of the travel blogs that they were asking for donation.

I tried to give but they refuse and instead just gave me a smile then saying that it’s alright. Having a beautiful user of their CR is already enough. Haha! Thanks, Kuya! (for letting me to use your toilet.)

Since it was off peak season for that place which I have heard that it is pretty crowded every summer, visitors or tourists were a bit few today. We bumped in some bikers and picture enthusiasts.

Before we reach the Wawa Dam itself, we have to walk for not too long upward. We saw some shanties beside the small way we were walking through.
Then at its cliff, we can already see the river full of big, live and white stones. The flow of water was a bit rigid today. I think it rained before we got there because its water was a bit brownish and muddy.
But still it didn’t lessen the beauty of the place.

 Then we passed through a cave side. At our right side, we can see some cave entering and when we look to our left side are huge mountains beside the “rocky river” that I appreciated a lot because I am a city girl who were used to tall buildings.

 My eyes were filled with so many glows upon looking at everything around me. Rivers, mountains, falls; these are life outside paper works, endless deadlines, toxic meetings, mind bursting phone calls and the likes.

We also passed through a metal bridge that is a bit rusty. I think, the government may already repair it for everyone’s safety.  And also some metal bars for holding. Looking downward, it’s a bit scary because a deep river is down there as we walked towards some metal bridges.
We reached the river and I may say by just observing it that it is a very deep one. It is very calm, peaceful and quiet. Now I don’t wonder anymore why it became so mystic.
I am really amazed by falls. I love looking at them. It’s a big shower room outside bathroom then a large swimming pool after the falls. Hehe.
There are also some cottages made of bamboo for rent. I just didn’t know the price because by the time we went there, there’s no one to ask to and also there’s no one who’s using or renting it.
We had no plans to swim there but just to take some pictures for keeps.

I am pretty amazed by the place. It was very beautiful and I really appreciate its nature.  For me, it is one of a kind plus the fact that it is just an hour away from the city’s busy life.
I would love to go back there again.

After exploring the place, we decided to go to a nearby resort.
Dado’s Resort, here we come!
Tip: Maybe the tricycle driver didn’t know the said resort; just tell him to go to Dau Street at Brgy. San Jose before passing the bridge.
We asked the tricycle driver to take us to Dado’s Resort. Entrance fee is only Php. 50.00 per person (for a day swim; 70 pesos for night swim) while cottages range to 200-800 pesos. They also offered some private rooms that costs Php.1,000 pesos.
 I think this is the cheapest one I knew yet their vicinity is pretty good. They have two large pools for adults which are 4-7 feet and two kiddie pools which are 2-3 feet.
The entrance fee for kids is Php. 30.00 only.

There were other resorts you can try there. Before and After Dado’s Resort location, there were also some resorts beside it and you will pass.
The river at the back of the resort is also a scenic view.

By 5 p.m. we were ready to go home bringing the good memories of today.
To those people who were a bit hesitant in going to Wawa Dam (just like me before) because of some mystic stories, you will surely enjoy the scenery you can witness out there so just try it before judging it first. But of course anywhere we go, being extra careful is still should be practice at all times.

And that’s my Adventurous Saturday today! : )

My Gurlfriend


Today, one of my closest friends got married.

We were eight in the group and she’s the one who got married first.

Way back in college, there were times that we talked about who will get married first among of us.

She said that she wanted to be the last one. But then as we can see now, the other way around happened.

She once had a very colorful, wonderful love life. I even don’t know the exact number of boys she has deal with. On our four years in college then life after school, I’ve know guys that she had a relation to. Some of the, I don’t remember the names anymore. Peace gurlfriend, hehe!

She’s a kind of girl who never believes in Moving On. If she realizes that she already loves this man, then she will go for it no matter what the circumstances may be.
She got hurt a lot of times, she cried, she felt pains, she became happy, crazy, she got mad, and she wept. After all she’s human just like each one of us.

There also came a time that she doesn’t want to fall in love again. She let her heart rest for a while.

Then earlier this year, she finally decided to open her heart again to a man who patiently waited for her while she’s resting her heart.

They put God on the center of their relationship, that’s what I admire about the.  And I also think that she grew up a lot.

Despite of our young age, I feel that she became mature.

After a few months of being together, they finally decided to settle down and I am so much honored to be one of the witnesses of their civil wedding.

It may not be the kind of wedding that she dreamed about but still she is so lucky enough to find a man who will stand for her for a life time.
Her husband to be showed his courage and deep love for my friend by saying their vows in front of us with tears in his eyes wholeheartedly.
It’s rare to see some men who can truly show their tears of joy and tears of unbreakable promise.

This may lessen her time to bond with us who are still single and enjoying life (no more out of town trips, shopping, bar hopping, overnight movie marathon, house sleepover, coffee shops and bookshops bonding, and the likes) yet we are so happy for her.

Finally she found a man who will truly love her despite of her flaws and will never left her till the last breath of their lives.

Good luck to your marriage life my dear friend.

You so much know that I love you and will be forever here when you need me…us….

: ) LaiN loves you.