> Nomadic at Puso: March 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Puerto Galera

-A Sweet Summer Escapade with Friends

The weather was so fine. A perfect timing for a beach outing. Oh, I just love the beach! So I see to it that at least once a year, I will have the chance to be there exposing my skin to the warm air and cool splash of the sea!
Our destination for this month, Puerto Galera, Sabang, Oriental Mindoro! Wuhoo!
Proud to be a first-timer! Hehe.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My BBF (boy bestest friend)

Reunited with my BFF!

It’s been two years since we saw each other and it was just last Monday when we saw each other again.
He remained bubbly as he was before.

Thanks for still treating me as your best bud, Patrick!
Sponge bob loves you so much.

At least, we never stop talking to each other for the past years that we’re not physically together.
Unlike other people out there who already forgot.

Anyway, I just pray for your new endeavor and as usual as always, I am here to support you all the way out!

See you on weekend.

And you greatly deserve a space here in my site.