> Nomadic at Puso: Words of Silence

Words of Silence

These are what I thought and feel towards something...
These are some of the happening in my life that I wanted to share to all of you.

Sometimes there were things that made me so happy when I put it down on a note...

Please be also noted that these were only my personal opinions, comments, and expression towards the topics I discussed.
Thank you for understanding. : )
After all, this is My site so please bear with it.

Spending my long weekend.

> My guy bestest friend.

> My thoughts when someone stole my wallet.

> Alone in Valentines.

> I believe in Signs.

> Choices we made is who we are.

> High School! :)

> I just so love weekends!

Enjoy your work. Be happy you have one.

In loving there's hurting.

Refresher for the week!

Finding True Love.



> brokenhearted

A Holiday spent with Friends: )

> Long Distanced Relationship

>TV drama shows: My Happiness


> The Road that Differs

> From Loneliness to Happiness


Where are you


> My Christmas 2013



>Nakabiting Tulay


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