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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Climb That Made Me Cry: Mount Hapunang Banoi

Mount Hapunang Banoi
Montalban, Rizal

For me , this was my hardest climb so far.

It was so rocky that I was about to cry when I followed the trail of one of my co-hikers. My left foot also had a small injury. 

Our usual meeting place was at Jollibee Cubao at 3 a.m. and I will be with my climbing friends again! We are the Team Traverser! Ha-ha!

Then we rode a van going to Eastwood, Montalban Rizal. Then rode again a tricycle going to the registration area near Wawa Dam.

After the registration and getting a guide, we started our climb at 5:30 a.m. 

We passed through again at the Hanging Bridge.I so love Hanging Bridges!

It was bit tiring climb because of the stairs going to the so called Junction. 

We then reached the summit at past 7 a.m. 


I can really say that this was the hardest rocky mountain I climbed. Mount Binacayan and Mount Pamintinan were easier. 

Hello there, photo ops spots!

You can see here in the group photo that I was the farthest. I was scared to step near them. Huhu. 

We did a traverse again at the Wawa Dam. 

By past 10 a.m. we were back at the jump off and had our early lunch. 

Thank you for the “hard” experience, Mount Hapunang Banoi!

But even though, this climb was a bit hard for me, this mountain was one of the most beautiful scenic views that has.

Stilts Beach Resort, Calatagan, Batangas (Mar 13, 2016)

Feb. 7, 2016
Stilts Beach Resort
Calatagan White Beach, Batangas

Oh yes. After our day hike at Mount Balagbag and Mount Maranat, there comes the beach day at Stilts Beach Resort, Calatagan Batangas

 For this day was the team-building day with Project Pearls, the non-profit organization that I belong with. 

5 a.m. was the call time at Cubao. We then rode a van going to CalataganBatangas and it was three-hour ride from Manila. 

The resort was pretty awesome. I love the cottages and of course the white sand beach! Emegesh, I so love beaches!

Then there came a short introduction about our self. 

After that was the team building games. 

Here’s the tug of war. 

Then here’s the relay. 

Then there’s also some card games. 

And then it was lunch time!

After lunch was the meeting for the After School Program and then swimming time!

We waited for the sunset before going home. 

And this is one of the best photo ops! 

I so love the breath taking view. 

At 7 in the evening, we were ready to go home. We even had a mini session inside the van. Hoho.
And by 10, it was a home sweet home. 

Thank you so much Project Pearls! I was able to have a blast for my weekend! 

Mount Balagbag: A Hope of Forever

Mount Balagbag: A Hope of Forever....Char!
February 6, 2016
Bulacan and Montalban Rizal

Mount Balagbag can be found between San Jose Del Monte Bulacan and Montalban, Rizal and has 400+ MASL.
The date was February 6, 2016. It was one fine Saturday and I invited some of my friends for this trip. 
Our meeting place was in Cubao at 4 a.m. From Cubao, we then rode a bus going to Tungko 
Upon reaching Tungko, we rode a jeep going to Licao-licao
And from Licao-licao, we rode a tricycle going to the registration, jump-off to Mount Balagbag
We hired a guide and they were two female. There are Ate Ana and I forgot the name of the other one. Ha-ha!

After two hours, we reached the so called helipad summit of Mount Balagbag.

Good thing that it wasn’t so sunny that day. It was a very long climb and there were lesser tree on the trail going to Mount Balagbag. We were pretty amazed by the stone henge peg that it became our first stop for our photo op. 

Then were headed to Mount Maranat to see the Maranat Falls.

The trail has so many assaults and a bit steep. So you must be very careful because you might end up rolling down just like one of our friends. Hahaha!

View was awesome! Rizal mountain ranges never ceased to amaze me. And it was heaven on earth, I promise!

Mount Maranat, here we come!

Then there’s a river where you can do some cliff diving. We ate our lunch here. 

After having our lunch and some rest, we then headed to Maranat Falls. 
It was just less than 30 minute hike from the river where we ate our lunch.

I so love it!

Photo op of course!

After an hour or two, we then decided to get back via traverse. 

We met this guy named Arbie Pineda na kaya daw umakyat ngbundok ay para makahanap ng forever. Then when my friends teased him to me, of course they said my name. Nagulat dawsiya kasi kapangalan ko ang ex niya. Eh ‘di wow
Hope to see you again. Wala lang. Ha-ha-ha. I just love your eyes. 

We got back to the jump-off at almost 6 in the evening. 
It was a very long and tiring day but nevertheless it was so much fun!

Nice to meet you, Arbie Pineda. Hala.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Morong Bataan Immersion (Dec. 26-27, 2015)

This was my first time for an immersion and this would always the most unforgettable one. 

Just right after Christmas day, we were all then ready to go to Morong, Bataan. I was with Project Bahaghari members for this trip. 

We raised a fund for the Aeta Community living in MorongBataan. 
At 4 a.m. we were already at Cubao.We rode a bus going to Olongapo.
Then after that, we bought some goods at the Olongapo Market. 

We then rented a jeepney going to Sitio KanawanMorongBataan

A hanging bridge welcomed us and some of the Aetas helped us with all the goods that we’re going to distribute tomorrow

Upon reaching the community, we then prepared for a late lunch. Hello, boodle fight! 

After a hearty meal, we then started to repack the goods. We were going to distribute a noche Buena package, goods like noodles, sardines, then clothes, soaps, toys and candies for the kids.

We were done packing at past 1 in the morning. 
We then woke up at 5 a.m. to prepare for breakfast, for the feeding and today’s program.

Before we started today’s program, hello again Boodle fight!
And now we’re ready!
We prepared mini parlor games and puppet show for the kids, feeding and then the distribution of Noche Buena package. 
At past 12 in the afternoon, we were finally done with our mission. 

We then took a bath on the river which was below the hanging bridge. 

It was now play time for the kids! Ha-ha!
Then it was time to go home. 
Thank you for this very worthy post Christmas celebration that we we’re able to help a community. 
Thank you Project Bahaghari for letting me to be a part of this wonderful immersion. 
Til next time!