> Nomadic at Puso: February 2016

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mount Batolusong

A People Power Climb to Mount Batolusong
Feb. 25, 2016

This was my 4th climb for this year 2016. 
For this day which was Thursday and it was non-working holiday in celebration and commemoration of People Power 1. 

We took this opportunity to hike! 

Mount Batolusong is located at Barangay San Andres, Tanay Rizal and this is along Marcos Highway via Antipolo (Cogeo).

Our meeting place was at Jollibee Farmers Cubao at 4 in the morning.
We left Cubao at 5 and reached the registration area at past 6. 
Sorry, I was the most late in the group due to traffic and rerouting at EDSA Ortigas.

We started the climb at 7 in the morning. We then passed thru Sangab Cave that I called as the watery cave. Because in order for you to get inside, you have to swim! The water is chest high.

Mount Batolusong's trail is grassland but there has a lot of assaults. It was tiring (as usual) going up but we finished it fast. 

We then reached the Duhatan Peak
This has become my favorite spot because of its peacefulness and tranquility picturesque.

Then we headed to Rangyas peak

Our trip composed of a rainy and sunny weather. 

Since it rained while we were on the trail going to the summit (on my back on the picture above), it was zero visibility. :(

We did a traverse to Mataripis Falls because according to our guide, Kay-Ibon falls (the falls which is well-known) are crowded. We ate our lunch and we even swim! 

The trail going down was easy and smooth. 
We were back to the jump-off area at 2 in the afternoon. We did the wash up beside the covered court.

Tip: If the rest rooms are crowded or has long lines, you can ask your guides to use their bathrooms at their house. That's what we did. :)

We rented a van and we are 17 in the group so this trip was a lesser in budget. Per head we contributed only 210 pesos, inclusion  of transpo from Cubao, driver, gas, registration fee and tour guide.




Eto na nga, sasabihin ko na...

Here’s the breakdown:

Van rental: 1000
Gas: 500
Guide fee: 1500 (3 guides)
Registration fee: 680 (40 pesos/head)
Total: 3680.00 divided to 17 pax = 216.50 pesos


Till my next climb. J

Friday, February 26, 2016

Mount Binacayan and Mount Pamintinan

A Birthday Climb: Mount Binacayan and Mount Pamintinan
Twin Day Hike
Feb. 7, 2016

I joined a group of strangers with one goal for this day. And that is to conquer two mountains in one day. This was my birthday goal and I am actually happy that I was able to do it.

Our meet- up was at Jollibee Farmer’s Cubao at 4 in the morning. I will be hiking with 16 people whom I don’t know. But then later on, some of them became my new found friends.

Team Twin Hike :)

Along the way to Montalban, Rizal, we were able to know each other. Most especially during the climb.

Mount Binacayan Climb...

We started the jump off at the registration area at 7 a.m. and our first destination was Mount Binacayan.

It was a rocky climb. You will be needing gloves so it won’t hurt your hands.

It was a hard climb actually but the view from above was worth it. 

Plus the sea clouds welcomed us.
We passed thru three peaks as our guide calls it and every peak has a nice view. 

Pushing to the summit of Mount Binacayan...

Since it was weekend when we climbed, expect a heavy 'traffic' on the trail and even on the photo ops spots like those on the picture. I have to wait for my turn. 

A Squad goal be like: 

Please take note that we don't know each other yet before the climb. :) But when we were at the summit, everyone seems like an old friend. So happy to meet all of them. 

We were called by the organizer as Group 1. :) By the way, thank you Sir Ged Marcos! I think every week he organizes a climb to open for joiners. No downpayment needed, just go to the meeting place on time. As for the amount, we paid 550 pesos all-in expense from Cubao. Food excluded. Just search for his facebook account.

Walang indianan! Huwag maging paasa! Masakit. 

We then did a traverse going down.

Before twelve noon, we were already back at the jump –off and had our lunch on a nearby cafeteria. There are countless eateries near the registration area or DENR so food is not a problem.

Mount Pamintinan Climb...

By 12:30, we were then ready to climb the next mountain which was Mount Pamintinan.    

We passed thru a hanging bridge and took a cemented stairs. It was tiring going up, I promise! 
Though the trail was grassland until the junction. 

After a long climb and tiring climb due to some assaults and long stairs all the way up, we reached the place they called “Junction”. This place that has a lot of sari-sari stores will lead you to three different destinations. 

(Sorry, I forgot to take some photos here)
Mas dinamdam ko yung hingal at pagod paakyat dun sa sementadong hagdan!

These destinations are: to the summit of Mount Pamintinan, summit of Mount Hapunang Banoi and going down to Wawa Dam.  

Going to the summit of Mount Pamintinan is as rocky as Mount Binacayan. Again, you will be needing gloves. Some rocks are too sharp and pointed. Extra cautiousness is needed here.

The view from top is breath taking. Sierra Madre Mountain ranges amazed me. Even Mount Arayat of Pampanga can be seen from afar.

That's Mount Pamintinan as my bg. :)

Mount Hapunang Banoi on my left, Mount Ayaas on the right.

Wawa Dam Traverse...

We were then back to the Junction and did the traverse via Wawa Dam. The way down was easy that we even run. Trail runners lang ang peg namin.

We passed through mini falls, and long streams of river. Our eyes just can’t stop adoring the whole place.  

We have gone to Wawa Dam before going back to our jump-off.

We even had some photo ops because the place once again amazed me. I have gone here at Wawa Dam three years ago and there has a lot of improvement happened. It was good news of course because tourism would be higher in demand.

One of the mini falls we passed through...

And now I belong to Group 2. Some of my group members didn't push through with the second climb, it was just the three of us left. And then those two left me at the Junction. They first went ahead.

Yeah, iniwan nila ako. Pero okay lang sanay na. 

Squad goal be like again:
In between the two mountains we just conquered :)

Wawa Dam watch tower at our side, wawa dam and cottages below

By 6 in the evening, we were all ready to go home.

This trip would always be memorable to me. This was my first solo-hike (well for me, it was solo since I climbed without people I already know.), a birthday goal that I was able to achieve, and most of all, I met nice people that eventually became my new found friends.

Till my next climb! J

P.S. I want to post more pictures but my internet connection didn't allow me. The connection is more than a snail! :(


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nakabiting Tulay

ni CieloAmethyst

(Para sa mga paasa, umasa, pinaasa at patuloy na umaasa...)

May karapatan ba akong ma-miss ka gayong hindi naman tayo? 
May karapatan ba akong magalit at magreklamo habang wala namang tayo?
Na ang meron lang ay ikaw at ako, magkahiwalay na salita  na parang sitwasyon natin ngayon.
Anong nangyari sa atin? Maari ko ba yang itanong?

Nawala na ang lahat ng masasayang kwentuhan at kulitan
Napalitan nalang ng mga nakabibinging katahimikan
Ang noon ay isang masayang samahan,
Ngayon ay tila milya-milya na ang pagitan. 

Anong nangyari?

Ako ba ang may kasalanan ng lahat ng ito?
Pakisabi naman sana sa akin para alam ko.
Hindi yung para akong tanga na nakabitin sa kawalan
Nakalutang sa ere at hindi alam ang patutunguhan. 

Pwede ko bang malaman ang sagot?

Tapos na ba ang lahat ng ito sa pagitan ng mo at ko?
Aalis o umalis ka na nga ba sa buhay ko?
Nagwakas na ba ang kabanata nating dalawa
At naguumpisa na ang bago sa piling ng iba? 

Pakisabihan naman ako... 

Huminto na nga bang talaga ang takbo ng pag-ibig
Sa pagitan ng ating pinag-isang daigdig? 
Pero bakit wala ang salitang paalam?
Matuto ka naman sanang magsabi man lang...

Nang Mga salitang may kinalaman sa pagtatapos
Gaya ng wakas, Goodbye, O Adios! 

Dapat ko na bang marinig ang mga iyan? Pakisabihan naman ako... 

Monday, February 22, 2016


I always take a glance at you hoping that you always take a look at me too. 

Am I hoping so much? 

Should I stop hoping now? 
That someday there would be no you and me. 
But just Us. 

I prayed that you were already the one 
But now you're almost gone
Did I assume that much?
Or I just believed that someday it would be Us. 

Just us...

Sunday, February 21, 2016


I stop hurting myself when I also stopped myself from caring. IDK as its finest. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Second Hike for the Year 2016: Mount Daraitan

Mount Daraitan
(739+ MASL)
Tanay, Rizal
January 24, 2016

My second climb for this year was at Mount Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal.

Our meeting place again was at EDSA-Shaw Blvd at 4 a.m.  We were eleven in the group by this time and we were able to fill up an FX vehicle. We then contracted the driver. We paid him 240 pesos per head for the two way trip. Upon reaching Tanay, Rizal, we ate on a cafeteria for our breakfast.

Here is the start of our walk as well as the parking for our rented FX. 

Instead of riding a tricycle that will take us to the registration area, we opt to just walk. 

By seven in the morning, we started the climb. It was a bit hard climb because it was raining. And when it is raining, the trail was too muddy. 

We passed through a cave and according to our guide it was the first station and there will be two more before the summit. 

Plus there were so many mountaineers who climbed that day. Traffic then became a regular scene on the trail. It was then after lunch when we reached the summit. True story it is. The two hour climb became an almost four hour climb. We took our lunch at the semi-summit.

Kahit sa summit, may forever! Akala ko sa EDSA lang. :(

When taking picture, you must have to fall in line. Hays.  We then went down at past two p.m.

But then, the long climb was worth it. The view from top of Mount Daraitan didn't fail us. 

We did a traverse going to Tinipak River. It was a very long way down that it took us more or less two hours.  My knees were shaking already but we still haven’t reached the river yet.

The view at the river was all worth it!

Talagang pahihirapan ka muna bago mo maranasan ang sarap. 

 The view was just so majestic that it made me forget that long and hard traverse. The whole place is a picturesque.

The water was cold so I didn’t take a bath there. Ha-ha.
I just waited for my other companions.

It was already dark when we went back to the registration area and there I washed up.

We then rode a tricycle going back to the parking place of our rented vehicle.

It was past nine when I reached home.

First Hike of the Year 2016: Mount Tagapo

Mount Tagapo
(438+ MASL)
Binangonan, Rizal
January 9, 2016

Mount Tagapo is located at Brgy. Janosa, Talim Island, Binangonan Rizal.
And this was my first hike for this year.  Our meeting place was at EDSA-Shaw blvd at four in the morning. We were 16 in the group that we were able to fill up a whole van going to Binangonan, Rizal port area.

It was still dark when we reached the Binangonan port. 

So we decided to eat breakfast first and had a short visit at their church. 

By the way, van fare is 50 pesos per head.

When the sun was already rising up, we then rode a boat going to Talim Island. 

Boat fare is 30 pesos and travel time was about an hour.
Beautiful sunrise welcomed us.

Registration fee is 30 pesos and then we took a trail guide.

Reaching the summit took us more than two hours since some of us were beginners in mountain hiking.

Of course, the view from above didn’t fail us.
At the top we can see the Laguna and other provinces of Rizal like Pililia and Tanay.
Other mountains like Mount Sembrano, Susong Dalaga and Pililia Windmills can also be seen from the top.

We then took our lunch on the camp site.

 Going down was a bit faster. We did that in more than an hour. The mountain was grassland so the trail wasn’t that hard nor technical.

We then rode again at boat going back to Binangonan Port.

We then had a side trip to a nearby resort.

From the resort, we took a jeep going to Antipolo crossing then took again another jeep going to Cubao.

It was a fine day with my friends. I so love mountains and this was just the start of my hiking/adventure for this year.

the mandatory groufie at the summit. :)