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hehe. I just love this pic.. :)

Hello to myself : )
( the tagalog version.. hahaha! )

This is My Story.

And this is just me.

No need to pretend to be anybody else because I have my own identity.

And I am unique in my own ways.

Some may call it flaunting and exposing but for me the right term is expressing....

I am ALaine.

It's Me, Me, Me.

Born day: Feb. 10

Religion: Catholic

My name is Lain.
Usually called as:
DharL by my relatives,
Alaine by many.
Alena by some.
a.k.a. Orange girl

Deeper Me:
A college grad and a current office girl. Striving for a better future but still enjoying life to the fullest.
Dreamed to be a CEO of a multi national company someday. (So high huh. : ) )

Cherish so much many memories and because of that Photography is my Life!
A wanna be photographer. Joke! : )
but much better to be called as a Frustrated writer
A bookworm, dvdworm, social networkworm, tvworm,cellphoneworm, tapeworm... hahaha!

I'm a worm of my own world!

Trusted friend but could be your best enemy.

Curiosity kills me.

Hopeless Romantic.

I can kill when I'm jealous! (can kill cockroach. Do you want to be my cockroach? Then simply steal my friends and loved ones. haha!)

Crazy girl syndrome sometimes attack.

I have phasmophobia :)

Trying hard event organizer/ financial manager.
Alena the Explorer.
Girl scout in terms of packing things. Minimizes space. The world is so small.
Tour guide wanna be

Knows how to cook but I prefer to sleep nalang.

I hate mess.Because I am already a mess.

Dead air and dull moments makes me sleepy.

Doesn't know the difference of malapit at malayo. (my friends know that! hehe)


 Low self esteem. (honestly)

I love wikipedia. hehe!

Lappy and Pissy are my best friends.

Fried chicken, sushi, vege salad,cheesy and spicy foods are my weaknesses…. Rawrrr!

Love so much my family, relatives, friends specially God. 

I am L A I N . ♥

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