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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coron and Culion Palawan

A Weekend Trip to Coron and Culion Palawan

Thank you so much for a very fine weather for this weekend even though rainy season had just started.

The date is July 11, 2014 and we’re all bound to Bosuanga Islands Coron, Palawan. 

We were five in the group, all girls and were so much excited to visit a very well known place.
At 4:30 in the afternoon, we landed at the airport and there’s a van already waiting for us. Before we went to our lodge, we had a short tour around the town.

We went to Mount Tapyas and we planned to climb it the following day. Then we went to Maquinit Hot Spring. The water is just so perfect to relax our body. And also the view is quite breath taking.

We had our dinner on the Lobster King Restaurant and well by the name itself, their specialty is Lobster which is cook to order. As you enter the restaurant, you can see the aquarium where the lobsters are swimming and ready to catch anytime.
The food is awesome!
We stayed at La Sirenetta Lodge and the place is a villa type and has a restaurant inside. It also has a pool and it is just great to have a night swimming.


July 12, 2014 - Saturday
At seven in the morning, we went to Mount Tapyas for a very long climb. Climbing it is worthy because when you reach the top, you can see the 360 degrees scenic view of Coron and it is so priceless.

Then we had our breakfast on the La Sirenetta Restaurant. Their pancit is so great! I love it!
At nine, we were so much ready to discover Coron!
Via speed boat, our first stop is the Kayangan Lake and oh my gas…. The lake is so beautiful. Climbing up and down the stony path is very worthy.
Then we headed to Baracuda Lake and also the twin Lagoon.

We had our lunch at the CYC beach. The sand is fine white. We also had a short swim there Take note, the time is two p.m. and the sun is smiling widely on us. Even though having a darker skin is one of our worries, we went to Palawan to enjoy the place, so be it!

We went back to downtown to get our things because we were going to spend the night on an Island resort. Wohow!

The resort is in Apo Island. Just about an hour travel time from the mainland (Coron downtown).
We had the chance to trek its mountain.

Dinner is great. Just great! The restaurant there is a buffet style and I went back to the long table for I think three times. Hahaha. I’m so glutton.

We had tequila shots before going to sleep.
Good night Apo Island.

July 13 – Sunday
At six in the morning, it had a heavy but short rain.
Our breakfast is buffet style again and by 8 in the morning, we were set to Culion, Palawan. It is another municipality of Palawan.
Culion was formerly a Leper Colony and it is very rich in history.You can check the google for further details.

We went to its Church which also has a very beautiful scenic view. Then we passed by to its hospital and school. Actually, we roamed around Culion just by our feet. It's just a small town because.

We head back to Coron Palawan to have our lunch and finally to go to airport for our afternoon flight.

While waiting for the van to fetch us, we had the chance to visit the Coron church and pasalubong buying is really on the list. (never been missed)

Palawan is a place you will not ever regret to go to.

It is really more fun in the Philippines! For more pictures, kindly go to my facebook account. haha!


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