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Saturday, October 3, 2015

One Fine Day Spent at Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas

Exploring a virgin beach...

Date: Sept. 12, 2015
Burot Beach, Calatagan Batangas

Out of the blue, I invited my friends to go for an out of town trip just for a day. And they said yes!

One fine Saturday, at 6 in the morning, I was already in EDSA Taft to meet my girlfriends. 
From EDSA Taft, at the side of Kabayan Hotel, we rode a van going to Calatagan, Batangas. Fare as of this writing is 190 pesos (one way). 

It was a three hour drive and we  even had a stop over at Tagaytay for gas refilling.

From Calatagan Terminal, there's a pile of tricycle that would take us to any nearby resort or beach that we want. Our destination for that day was Burot Beach. It cost us 50 pesos per head for the fare.
Before riding the tricycle that we had talk to, we went to the nearby market first to buy foods. We bought bananas, water, bread spreads and junk foods.

At past 10 in the morning, we were already at Burot Beach.
It was less than 30 minutes tricycle drive from the terminal. Anyway, we were three girls on this trip and we brought a tent that would serve as our cottage and room for the day.
Upon reaching the main gate going to Burot beach, the guard there asked for  a 20 pesos fee.
Then at the second and final gate, another guard asked for a fee. 65 pesos per head is the entrance fee for day tour and 130 pesos for an overnight trip. Plus another 35 pesos per tent pitching.
I heard that before there has no or the entrance fee was lesser. But since Burot beach was already brought by SM (Yes, by Henry Sy. Because according to what we heard, he will going to develop the beach into a private resort), the fee got increased.
Well at least now we still had the chance to visit this place before we can't afford it anymore.

Upon paying, we then looked for a place where we can  pitch our tent. We chose the spot under the two trees. 
There was also a table made of marble.

White and fine sand welcomed us. Thank you for the very nice weather even though the month was September and it's still a rainy season in the country. The sun didn't fail us this day. 

The whole beach was still untouched and it looks like a secluded area. Much more like a private resort minus the grandious cottages and other facilities.
It is still a virgin island indeed! The water is also clear.
There were few people who were also there and just like us, they were also having a good time with their friends and loved ones.
But then it was far from being too crowded.
Maybe because Burot beach is not that much well known and besides, it doesn't offer any hotel rooms. This  is a camp site actually. :)
There's also a retail store so you can still survive the place. We bought some foods, drinks and even ice cubes there and the price were reasonable though.
Just by looking at the whole place, you will already feel relaxed and calm and you will realize that you are too much away from the stress that you left in Manila.

After some photo op, we took the chance to enjoy the vitamin sea!
We swim until 12 noon then we had our lunch on the table.

After eating, we took a walk on the other sides of the resort. On the far right side where we put our tent,after some rocky spots,  we found there the place where the sand was purer and whiter!

It was already meters away from the "campers".
We also took the chance to swim there.

Oh how time flies so fast when you were enjoying the moment. 

We need to pack up at 3 p.m. because we will still be doing a side trip to Cape Santiago Light house.
There's also a free public toilet where we can take a bath and when we say public don't expect too much that it would be so clean. Haha. It was just enough to campers and girl scouts like us.
The tricycle driver that we contracted were already backed there when we finished freshening up and folding our tent.

Light house is 9 kilometers away from Burot Beach. We paid 200 pesos for that side trip then 150 pesos again going to the terminal/ all divided into three. 

Lucky us, the light house' gate was locked and we weren't able to enter it. But it was fine for it was the journey that matters. We still did some photo op there. Nobody can stop us! Haha. 

At past 4 p.m., we were backed in the terminal.
By past 7 p.m., we reached Manila again.

Over all, it was a wonderful, fine day with my most favorite girls. Thanks girls for being with me that day and I do hope that you also enjoyed the trip as much as I did.
'Til our next gala! 

Summary of our Iti and expenses:

6 am - Meet up at Jollibee Edsa Taft, breakfast
7 am - Van going to Calatagan (190pesos)
10 am - Tricycle going to Burot Beach (50 pesos)
3 pm - Tricycle going to lighthouse (200 pesos/3)
4 pm - Lighthouse to terminal (150pesos/3)
7 pm - Van going back to Manila (190 pesos)
Entrance fee - 65 pesos for day tour
130 pesos for overnight
Tent pitching- 35 pesos
Food budget - approx. 100 pesos/ head

I will definitely be back in this paradise.

And  if you will also visit the place, please practice the LNT rule.
As in "Leave No Trace".
Just like us, as we left Burot beach, we left nothing but footprints. We took  nothing but just pictures and memories.



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    kuya Johnny contact number globe 0977-428-2148 smart 0921-277-9015
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