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Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Last Minute Decision Hike: Mount Romelo

Mount Romelo Plus Four Waterfalls
Siniloan, Laguna
July 30, 2016

We were seven in the group and even though there’s a warning of thunderstorm and heavy rain, that didn’t stop us. Our initial plan was to hike Mount Sembrano in Pililia Rizal, but at the very last minute, we shifted to Mount Romelo in Siniloan Laguna.
Our meeting place was at Edsa-Shaw then we rode a jeep going to Tanay, Rizal. And then we took another jeepney ride going to Siniloan, we took a tricycle going to the jump off of Mount Romelo.
We paid for registration fee and we also took a guide. He is Kuya Macmac.
We started the hike at past 7 a.m.
We passed through first a hanging bridge. I so love hanging bridges! So I didn’t miss the chance to take a photo in there!

In less than two hours, we reached the summit of Mount Romelo.

Photo op then we took a rest and then we’re ready to trek going to the first waterfalls, Buruwisan Falls.

It was majestic!

We also ate our lunch there.

Our second falls was at Lanzones Falls. This is almost an hour after Buruwisan.

Then we’re off to our third falls, the Old Buruwisan Falls.

After that was the Pusong Bato Falls.

Now you know why this was called Pusong Bato Falls. Haha.

Since it rained but not hard, the trek to each falls was a bit hard (almost an hour after another), but they are all worth it because all the falls that we’ve been are all so amazing.

My favorite is the Lanzones Falls. It was like a hidden getaway and sanctuary.

At past five, we then decided to go back. Actually, there is seven waterfalls but due to short time, we just gone to four falls.
At least there’s a reason to go back.

At seven we were back to reality.
My love for mountains, hiking, adventure and exploring would always run in my blood.

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