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My Sagada Trip 
(Mar. 24-26, 2016)

Because of the local and indi movie, "THAT THING CALLED TADHANA" Sagada has been a well known destination to broken-hearted people and to those who wants to finally move on. 

Kiltepan Peak was then became the prime destination wherein they can shout to the world all their heartaches, grievances and problems with their life. 

Well, this is what I thought.But when I got there, everything changes.

DAY 0:

For our holy week this year, we decided to spend it in Sagada. Together with my cousin and hiking buddies, on a Wednesday night, we were all ready for a very long road trip. 

We got a travel package at ROAD WAVES tour. We paid three thousand pesos each for the tour that includes the van/ transportation, lodge and other fees. 

Sleeping on a van is really inconvenient for me so I really didn't have a good sleep. We had two stopovers and all I did during those stops was to eat and to use the comfort room.

DAY 1:

After 8 hours, the sun was already up and we reached Banaue. The famous Rice Terraces welcomed us.

We took our breakfast at Banaue and we also took our very first photo for the day.

The food cost us 100 pesos per head. 

After four hours of another road trip, we finally reached our destination. Hello, Sagada! Welcome to us!

The first thing we did was to check in at our lodge. The house has three floors and we occupied the last floor.

It was simple and homey. Looking through my room's window, I was quite amazed! How I wish that I have the same view in Manila because it was so refreshing. Good vibes all the way.

We then had our lunch. We looked for place to eat. Dishes in Sagada's restaurants are a bit pricey so I strongly suggest to have a home made meals. We can actually cook on our lodge but we chose not to. You know, laziness overload. 

After our lunch, we had a tour to Sumaguing Cave.

I was amazed with the cave because it is so huge! Feels like a kingdom was in there. Be ready to get wet inside and for an adventurous person like me, be brave to pass through all the obstacles no matter how hard it is. 

We saw different stone formations and we swam into different super cold water ponds.Everyone must be cautious and of course safety first. 

"Huwag nang ipilit kung hindi mo kaya kasi ikaw lang dn ang masasaktan."

 After that, we were back to transient.

We took our dinner at a Bulalohan house and then for the rest of the night,  we took the chance to have a
night tour at downtown. 

We got to have the activity of pasalubong buying (first batch).

We also tried yogurt. 

And then we were back to lodge for a good, cool sleep.

DAY 2:

The next day, woke up at 7 a.m. and our first destination for the day was at Bomok-od Falls. 

But before that, I had a side trip to a nearby church on my own.

Trip to Bomok-od Falls was a four hour walk and hike. 

View was majestic! Mountains and rice terraces welcomed us so I personally didn't feel the tiredness and difficulty of the trek. It was also our advantage because we are used to long walks because of our past mountaineering activities. 

When we finished the trek via traverse, we had the chance to top load on a jeepney.

We were then back to town and had our lunch.

After our lunch, we visited Sagada Church,Public Cemetery and then the Echo Valley where the famous hanging coffins are located.

Thanks to our tour guide that we learned a lot about the history and some of the cultures and practices of Sagada people.

 I will write next time what are the things I've discovered and learned. 

Our next tour was at the Pottery and then at the Weaving house.

Our scheduled trip for that day finished at past five p.m. so we took the chance to have a  side trip at Gaia CafĂ©. In this place, a scene in the movie I mentioned above was shot in here. 

Then here comes dinner!

DAY 3: 

The next day, we woke up at 4 a.m.  and we were off to Kiltepan Peak to see the sunrise.

Breakfast. Pasalubong buying.

Off to Baguio. 

Side trip at Philippine’s Highest Peak of highway.

Reached La Trinidad Benguet for lunch,  pasalubong buying, strawberry picking.

Back to Manila. Home sweet home!

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