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Friday, April 5, 2013

Daranak Falls, Tanay Rizal

A trip to Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal

As for the anniversary celebration of our friendship, we decided to have an adventure in Daranak Falls.

It was a very fine day last August 22, 2009.
Our call time was 4 a.m. and meeting place was in Starmall Crossing.

We rode a jeep there directly going to Tanay, Rizal. It was a long yet enjoyable road trip.

As we reached the market of Tanay, we buy first some foods and then we hired a tricycle that will took us straightly to Daranak Falls.

Since all of us were used to be Manila Girl, or grew up in a city, everything we saw there was truly wonderful and new to us.

Before we reach the falls, we stopped over on a Mama Mary grotto.
But before we reached the grotto, we have to cross a river and then climb a so high and steep cemented stairs.
An adventure indeed!

Some folks said that if it is your first time to climb the grotto, you must make a wish first before climbing the stairs. And so we did! There’s no harm in trying and believing. After all, it will only depend on our faith.

Okay, we confessed that it was really hard for us to reach the top. We almost lose our breath and we produced pails of sweat while climbing it.

But it’s worth it because as we reached the top, what a very beautiful scenic view we have witnessed.
And it truly feels so good!

As I remember, there is an entrance fee which was Php. 20.00 at Daranak Falls.
Then after passing Daranak Falls, we went to Batlag Falls and we paid again another entrance fee of Php. 60.00 . We chose to swim on Batlag Falls because the water there is shallow not unlike at Daranak which is so deep.
 We rented a hut, I just forgot the cost of it. Hehe.

There’s also a  swimming pool at Batlag but you have to pay additional charge if you want to use it.

We were used to swimming outing on pools and beaches and this was our first time to have it on a waterfall.

Truly, we enjoyed our day tour there.

Lain ; )

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