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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Matabungkay, Batangas

The Floating Cottages of Batangas

Thanks for the company outing that I have been here at Matabungkay Batangas.

It became well known because of its floating cottages and white sand.

I’m sorry I don’t know how much the fare was going there because we were in a private vehicle.
We rented an air-conditioned room that costs us Php 2,000.00 good for more than 10 pax.

We also built a tent outside our room.

We stayed there for two days and one night and I may say that it really worth for a weekend vacation.

It’s a two to three hours drive from Manila.
Our call time is 6 am and we reached the resort at 9 am.
We had a stopped over on a market to buy for our foods.

The resort personnel lend us some cooking utensils and burner for us to cook our foods.
We ate our breakfast and we’re ready for a late morning swim!
Some of my officemates tried henna tattoo and ever as usual hard drinks flow down the table as well as with foods. Oh I just love sea foods!  ;)
We also had the chance to stay for a while on one of the floating cottages for free.
It’s so nice to see a sun set and sun rise by the beach, they’re one of the most breath taking views here on earth.

I heard that the overnight rent for a floating cottage is Php. 700.00

The beach at Matabungkay is great.
It has not been totally damaged or abused yet. According to my officemates’ term, it’s still a virgin because of different sea creatures you can see on its clear and shallow water like starfish, crablets, sea snake and also seaweeds and believe it or not even corals.

There are many resorts and hotels established there already and all of them are beach front.

I would love to go back there soon.

Truly Matabungkay is one of the prides of Batangas.

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